Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps




After a long day out of the house, I came home from babysitting around 8 pm, starving. My parents had made pasta with zucchini for dinner and even though there was still some left over, zucchini is probably my least favorite food so I was not about to have some of that. Thankfully, I was feeling inspired. 🙂

I forget where I saw lettuce wraps (definitely somewhere on the Internet some morning when I had nothing to do) but I bought romaine lettuce heads right after with the intention to make some this week. My favorite dish at P.F. Changs is the lettuce wrap with iceberg lettuce leaves, but I read somewhere (Internet again…) that romaine lettuce has more nutritional value than iceberg so I went with that instead. It worked well, they look more like lettuce tacos than neat little wraps and that leaf on the right was kind of squished but it was delicious all the same.

The best part by far was the sauce: I mixed peanut butter and soy sauce for a Thai flavor and cooked the chicken in it so it was all warm, mixed, and thick. Everything else was just whatever I had in the fridge/pantry and sounded good. The sweet corn, pecans, carrot, and fresh ginger each added their own unique textures and tastes to the dish that made every bite divine.

My parents were eyeing my lovely creations as they had seconds of the pasta, I think I know what to make for dinner next time!

My recipe: Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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Sriracha Thai-ish Chicken Quinoa

I made WAY too much quinoa the night before during my sweet potato burger adventure (measured out 1 cup quinoa UNcooked and then cooked it, realizing only after that they are NOT equal) so I had to come up with another quinoa recipe to use it up.

Ta da! Thai Chicken Quinoa from a fellow wordpress user (holla!) Milk & Cereal.

She makes it look so beautiful

I made a lot of adjustments to this recipe so bear with me. I only bought chicken and improvised everything else with what I had in the kitchen

  • no sweet and sour sauce –> Sriracha sauce
  • no rice vinegar –> balsamic
  • no almond milk –> soy
  • no veggies required –> chopped green beans
  • already cooked quinoa (using water) –> whatever supposed blandness existed was overpowered by the Sriracha

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