Tawainese Snow Ice: The New Thing

My bestest friend came up to the city to have a delicious sushi dinner with me on Clement Street in Inner Richmond, near where I am staying. The street is almost entirely restaurants of various Asian cuisines: Chinese, Japanese, Indian… and this colorful dessert place called 100% Sweet Cafe that I found on Yelp. We went in and sat down and were handed an actual menu that was like 12 pages long with lunch, dinner, and dessert options. The regular food was recognizable, but so was the dessert section was… odd. Think glass noodles in coconut milk or steamed sweet tofu. But one item stood out to me as a must-have:


Snow Ice.

I had never heard of it before so I ordered it (chocolate, of course) and the waitress came back with a HUGE serving of fluffy, sweet shaved ice. It was bigger than my head, I proclaimed that I would not be able to finish it all. But it was so light and airy that I realized it was almost gone and I didn’t feel stuffed. I finished the whole thing handily, which was easy because that shit is addictive. Ok, it tasted a little synthetic but I wasn’t in the florescent cafe to feel wholesome.

Read more about this impending phenomenon here. Snow ice is is about to become the new froyo/cupcake/ice cream sandwich.


Chocolate Banana Mouthgasm


I am now going to call this bowl of frozen goodness the Mouthgasm because it is that delicious. And you know how sex is good for you? So is this dessert.

I was walking through the San Francisco International Airport on my way home after a long day of traveling when I saw my favorite froyo place that had just opened a store in the United terminal. Ecstatic, I made a beeline for the register only to be told (not very nicely) that they had just closed and the machines were off. I tried to guilt trip her but that chick was not having it so I carried on, defeated. I was so disappointed.

BUT THEN, I remembered that I had frozen banana chunks in my freezer! As soon as I got home, I buzzed the banana with a little yoghurt* and cocoa powder to create an even better chocolatey frozen dessert. The best part: I got to pile on as many strawberries as I damned well pleased–I DO NOT SKIMP ON FRUIT. I also drizzled on a little magic shell just for shits and gigs.

*TIP: After the banana chunks have been in the freezer for a few days, they dry out significantly. The last time I made some Mouthgasm with some long-frozen bananas, I had to fake it because it was all lumpy and not creamy at all. This time, a large scoop of fat-free yoghurt solved that problem–just toss it in the food processor with the banana chunks and it creams them right up.

My recipe: The Mouthgasm

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