Summer Savory Chicken Quiche


My grandparents were staying with us this week and after my parents had bragged to them about how I had been cooking dinners all summer, I had to follow up with something really great. Homemade quiche has never been served in my house but I recently discovered that I love it so I decided to be adventurous. I got inspired by this post by Veggiestyle With Daphne. The egg filling part of the dish turned out really great, but the crust was disappointing–dry and tasteless and crumbly. I used whole-wheat all purpose flour instead of spelt, is that where I went wrong? Anyway, I learned that pie crust usually contains lots of butter–I am now on the hunt for the perfect balance between a tasty and healthy pie crust.

My creative license:

  • no spelt flour –> used whole-wheat all purpose
  • not enough spinach –> added basil
  • only had 1 tomato
  • omitted the onions and thyme
  • added chicken
  • love eggs –> added an extra egg

My recipe: Summer Savory Chicken Quiche:

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I swam 1250 meters in the pool today! Laps are boring but I set goals for myself beforehand. The first 30 mins I did 50-100-150-200-150-100-50, then some kick board to cool down, then about 10 mins of 50 slow-25 sprint drills.

Fuck shin pain, I got this.

Egg White Omelet with Sausage, Cheese, and Peas

20130607-202649.jpgSome people buy purses and nail polish and accessories while waiting in line at a store–I impulse-buy egg whites at Trader Joe’s. I went in for flour and came out with a basket-full of fresh fruits, mixed greens, and a carton of egg whites. So I cooked myself a delicious egg white omelet the next morning with whatever random crap I found in the fridge: shredded Mexican cheese, frozen peas, and a vegan soy sausage.

It was so good that I was half way through it before I remembered to take a photo. Oops.

Citrus Vodka with a side of GOVERNOR’S BALL!!

Have you ever attended an event that doesn’t allow alcohol in but you desperately need it to have fun and are too cheap/lazy to pay for taste-less and overpriced beer (like me)? Then this post is for you!

After extensive research, my friends and I attempted two equally clever (but not equally successful… more on that later) methods of sneaking in fruity vodka to a music festival.

  1. Alcohol in plastic bags in sunscreen bottle
  2. Alcohol in water-bottle à la David Copperfield

Our backup had a backup–we were very thorough. Not like it mattered, the security barely glanced into my bag–I literally could have put an entire handle, a gun, and 10 lbs of crack in there and he wouldn’t have cared. Whatever, this is excellent knowledge to have for all future events where you don’t know how extensively you are going to be searched.

Method #1

Method #1

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Mexican Buffet in Tortilla Bowls

My parents told our family friend, Alice, that I have been cooking for them since I’ve been home this summer and she half-jokingly said:

“Will she come over and cook for us too?”

Hell yeah I will! I was inspired by this post from The Yummy Life. A Mexican buffet is super easy to throw together and an infallible crowd-pleaser–the only hard part was making the tortilla bowls. I made them 3 at a time in her regular dinner bowls. The bowls were a little too small for the tortillas and as a result, the sides of the tortillas caved in and gave the bowls a really small capacity. Oh well, it was one of my first attempts, I will get better.

My buffet consisted of:

  • whole-wheat and white flour tortilla bowls
  • fiesta-style chicken
  • white medium-grain rice with a pinch of salt and lime juice
  • buzzed cauliflower (as rice alternative)
  • canned black beans (rinsed)
  • canned yellow corn
  • mixed shredded cheese
  • guacamole
  • homemade mango-tomato salsa
  • and a spinach + peach + strawberry + balsamic vinegar salad as a side dish

and it was divine. Even if the bowls were too small to hold it all.

I didn’t take pictures because I was late and had to rush to make everything aaaaaand I didn’t want to look like a total weirdo snapping pics whilst cooking.


New York City bound!

Wow I am sore! I did another Nike Training Club sesh today and my quads are killing me after the infinite number of squats. I did 25 mins of an Intermediate Get Toned routine called “Squat Party” (skipped the last 5 mins of stretching because I was in a rush to pack for my trip) and the 15 min Ab Blast routine after.

I’m giving my shins another few days of a break this weekend while I am in New York for the Governor’s Balland hopefully I will be healed enough to get back to running on Tuesday! But only every other day, I’ve learned my lesson.


Pumpkin Vermicelli in Tortilla Bowl


My family went out to dinner at Madame Tam Bistro in downtown Palo Alto last night and had scrumptious Vietnamese fusion. I ordered the shrimp vermicelli bowl, my mum got the pumpkin curry, and we shared the two dishes together. Even though I hadn’t eaten all day, I couldn’t finish the giant bowl of noodles so we poured the remaining pumpkin curry sauce over them and took them home.

For lunch today, I put the leftovers plus some extra goodies in a practice tortilla bowl (I’m making a tortilla bowl Mexican buffet for dinner for our family friends tomorrow) and ate it sitting on the kitchen floor with my cat, Socks. I think she liked the smell of the chicken.

The bowl had a smaller capacity than I had anticipated, I would recommend using the largest tortilla you can find!

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20130606-202142.jpgGoddam my shins. I took a full day off running (I literally slept the entire day…) and last night my shins were actually throbbing despite the 0% exertion they faced that day. So I figured it was wise to take another day off running and instead went for a hike with my grandpa and did Nike Training Club.

My grandpa and I walked up to Vista Hill and back, about 2 miles from our doorstep and back and a very steep climb all the way up. My ankles and shins were in constant pain just from walking, but I didn’t stop because I was hoping they were being strengthened with the low-impact movement. We didn’t stay long at the top to admire the view because I wanted to get down and squeeze in a NTC before we met my dad for lunch. I did a 30 min Intermediate “Get Toned” routine and altered it by doing ab exercises during the jumping/leg-impact segments.

I hope my legs heal quickly so I can run again! I will keep it to every other day from now on.


Strawberry-Banana-Blueberry Smoothie

20130604-103923.jpgI GOT A MAGIC BULLET BLENDER. This was my first creation: a mixed fruit smoothie that was so deliciously thick I had to eat it with a spoon. I made it as a post-workout snack after my run. The cold beverage was so refreshing on this hot day.

I use frozen fruit instead of adding ice to make it smoother and thicker and goat-milk yoghurt to save the cows! Banana makes a creamy base, blueberries are high in anti-oxidants, and strawberries are just fucking awesome.

** If you are using fresh strawberries, here is a trick I learned from my Magic Bullet recipe book: leave the green tops on the strawberries, that is where a lot of the nutrients are!

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Yesterday was 1 mile day, so my mum and I walked up the hill to Foothill Park to run part of Panorama Trail. You can see our house from the farthest point of the trail–that is where I took my background picture a few weeks ago.

Once inside the park, we ran a half mile down the relatively flat side of the loop, admired our house, then turned around and ran back the same way. Running behind her was really mesmerizing, I just watched the rhythm of her feet and before I knew it, the half mile back was over! 20130605-202951.jpgI really prefer running with someone else, it motivates me to keep going and gives me a conversation to focus on rather than the pain in my legs. The whole process is simply much more enjoyable.

The Map My Run details include the walk to and from the park and our short break in the middle. On the trail, we ran about 11:30 min/mile.

My shins were really hurting afterwards so we walked backwards down the very steep street back to our house. Walking backwards put less shock on my knees and shins, but for some reason it hurt my ankles more. At least it spread out the pain. When I got home, I immediately iced my joints but it barely helped–when I got up to put the ice away, I could barely walk it was so painful!

I took today off to heal. Maybe running every day isn’t a good idea.