What omelet? Check out my farm.


Every day I spend at my house in Palo Alto reminds me how lucky I am to live in and come from such a kickass area. My farm kicks all the other farms’ asses (except maybe the real ones). I appreciate it even more when I wake up in my bed after a long week of interning in San Francisco and overnight babysitting jobs.

She's judging me with her eyes

She’s judging me with her eyes

Speaking of my internship… it’s the tits. I am working for the non-profit organization One World Children’s Fund as a Communications and Marketing Intern for the summer. Basically, I am cleaning up the website and using social media to increase awareness of our organization and improve communication with our existing partners. The last 2 days I made a video/photo slideshow of the children we help in Africa, India, and the Americas to be shown at the big luncheon event in October. I was that white girl sitting at Philz Coffee looking at lots of pictures of disadvantaged children on her Macbook. I swear its for my job.

My boss, Allie, may have hired me to help her but I feel that I am getting the most out of this relationship. I am learning and growing up so quickly experiencing my first real job, life in San Francisco, and what real responsibility feels like. My “jobs” at Wildberry Yogurt when I was 16 and the front desk of my dorm at USC last semester were absolute jokes. I am typing this from my cousin’s apartment on Haight St after a long day working at the office in the Presidio and doing Bikram yoga at a studio in Sea Cliff that I basically belong to now–this is real life.

View from the office

Ok back to food.

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Egg White Omelet with Sausage, Cheese, and Peas

20130607-202649.jpgSome people buy purses and nail polish and accessories while waiting in line at a store–I impulse-buy egg whites at Trader Joe’s. I went in for flour and came out with a basket-full of fresh fruits, mixed greens, and a carton of egg whites. So I cooked myself a delicious egg white omelet the next morning with whatever random crap I found in the fridge: shredded Mexican cheese, frozen peas, and a vegan soy sausage.

It was so good that I was half way through it before I remembered to take a photo. Oops.