Wild King Salmon Over Pasta with Caprese Salad and Margeritas


It was so hot this past weekend in Palo Alto, I couldn’t even function. The temperature hit 90 and I simply went comatose for a few days. The only thing that saved me was a nice long swim on Saturday in the late afternoon that made me feel cool and invigorated. When I got out of the pool, I had a text from my friend, Lauren, asking if I wanted to make dinner. My first reaction was YES! but my second was oh wait… it’s too hot too cook.


Instantly, caprese salad came to mind. This no-cook Italian dish is simply

  • a large tomato
  • a round of wet mozzarella cheese
  • some basil leaves
  • olive oil
  • and balsamic vinegar

sliced up and arranged in whatever fashion pleases you. Lauren went for the compass look.

Then Lauren suggested wine and a picture of a slushy, frozen margarita appeared in front of me. Literally, another friend in Chicago texted me a picture of one her dad had just made her! It was fate.


We made a few of our own following the directions on a can of frozen lime concentrate and opening up my parents’ liquor cabinet. Serves 5? HAHAHA serves 2...

Speaking of being lazy, we almost completely avoided cooking by buying cooked and seasoned Wild King salmon from Robert’s Market and boiling some pasta to go with.


I also whipped up a quick batch of basil pesto (not pictured).
The pasta was

  • high-fiber penne
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  • roasted fresh minced garlic

I boiled the pasta with the salt, drained it, roasted the garlic in a little olive oil in the same pan, poured the noodles back in and added more oil, salt, and pepper until I was satisfied. The entire meal was so simple and refreshing for a hot summer evening.

For dessert I made plain banana Mouthgasm and topped it with a little (a lot) of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. Mm mm MM mm mm. Considering all of the olive oil, alcohol, and cookie dough I consumed, it was not a very calorie-light evening but oh well, it was fun to get creative and put a whole dinner together just the 2 of us.


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