20130606-202142.jpgGoddam my shins. I took a full day off running (I literally slept the entire day…) and last night my shins were actually throbbing despite the 0% exertion they faced that day. So I figured it was wise to take another day off running and instead went for a hike with my grandpa and did Nike Training Club.

My grandpa and I walked up to Vista Hill and back, about 2 miles from our doorstep and back and a very steep climb all the way up. My ankles and shins were in constant pain just from walking, but I didn’t stop because I was hoping they were being strengthened with the low-impact movement. We didn’t stay long at the top to admire the view because I wanted to get down and squeeze in a NTC before we met my dad for lunch. I did a 30 min Intermediate “Get Toned” routine and altered it by doing ab exercises during the jumping/leg-impact segments.

I hope my legs heal quickly so I can run again! I will keep it to every other day from now on.



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