Yesterday was 1 mile day, so my mum and I walked up the hill to Foothill Park to run part of Panorama Trail. You can see our house from the farthest point of the trail–that is where I took my background picture a few weeks ago.

Once inside the park, we ran a half mile down the relatively flat side of the loop, admired our house, then turned around and ran back the same way. Running behind her was really mesmerizing, I just watched the rhythm of her feet and before I knew it, the half mile back was over! 20130605-202951.jpgI really prefer running with someone else, it motivates me to keep going and gives me a conversation to focus on rather than the pain in my legs. The whole process is simply much more enjoyable.

The Map My Run details include the walk to and from the park and our short break in the middle. On the trail, we ran about 11:30 min/mile.

My shins were really hurting afterwards so we walked backwards down the very steep street back to our house. Walking backwards put less shock on my knees and shins, but for some reason it hurt my ankles more. At least it spread out the pain. When I got home, I immediately iced my joints but it barely helped–when I got up to put the ice away, I could barely walk it was so painful!

I took today off to heal. Maybe running every day isn’t a good idea.



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