Yesterday I ran again in Arastradero Preserve. To keep from injuring my shins and ankles, I am doing a daily staggered mileage routine: 3-2-1-2-3 and so on. Since I ran 3 miles the day before, I mapped out a route on for 2 miles this time. The beginning was tough, my ankles felt weak and painful, but after the first mile the pain lessened and it got easier.

Running alone isn’t as fun as running with my parents, all I do is think about the pain in my legs. But the run was worth it because I ran the whole thing and felt awesome afterwards. I even sprinted the last 100 meters!

When I came home, I did a 15 min Nike Training Club running stretches routine. I had no idea how tight my hips and hamstrings had gotten since I haven’t been doing yoga lately. I got a LivingSocial coupon for 2 months of unlimited yoga in Sea Cliff, SF (where I will be staying when I start my internship) so that will change very soon!


Now I am going to run my mile for the day, my shins hurt a little just sitting here so its good that I’m not doing a lot. I was up at 5:30am for babysitting, I don’t know how I am functioning right now.


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