Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower as a substitute for grains has become a recent health phenomenon. I decided to try my hand at healthy cauliflower crust pizza after pouring obsessively over this buzzfeed post.


I used the crust recipe the post provides, with a few tweaks. I put oregano and basil in the processor with the cauliflower instead of adding it after, my mush came out a lovely green color. I should have put the mozzarella in there too, I had a block of it (not shredded) and roughly chopped it myself but it looked ridiculous on the the sheet with chunks of cheese sticking out everywhere. Whatever, I didn’t even notice the cheese after it was baked.

Like the salmon a few days ago, it came out surprisingly well! It took me almost 2 hours start to finish, however. I’m sure my timing will get better with practice—I want this to be a college staple. I miscalculated how much cauliflower I needed to make enough crust for 3 people (a lot) so I had to do two batches and this slowed me down a little. I used two bags of pre-chopped flowerets from Trader Joe’s.

Definitely the most labor intensive part of this recipe is draining the water from the cooked cauliflower. I tried wringing out the pulsed veggie by wrapping it in cheese cloth but the hot water was burning my hands and the mush was seeping out through the holes so I put a dish towel over it (which is what the recipe recommends anyway). Sorry Mum, for messing up a towel. I got like two cups of water out but I probably could have gotten more. I was just sick of squeezing a hot ball of mush… twice.

The finished product! From left to right:

  • chicken, artichoke, and mozzarella
  • margherita (mozzarella and basil)
  • goat cheese and arugula

I used this super simple tomato basil pizza sauce recipe that is basically just canned tomatoes and seasoning. It was the perfect quantity to cover my three pizzas!

The mozzarella, diced chicken, jarred artichoke hearts, arugula, and hard goat cheese were store-bought. I grated the goat cheese from the block and sprinkled it on top of the arugula to keep the leaves from drying out. The basil was fresh from planters outside of our kitchen window. Classic Palo Alto farm.

Yes, that is my wine glass next to the cutting board.

I finished off the peach and blueberry upside down cake with some vanilla ice cream for dessert.


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