Peach and Blueberry Upside Down Cake


My mum and I tweaked the traditional upside down cake recipe to make it a little bit healthier by cutting the sugar/fat a little. We:

  • substituted half of the butter with some applesauce
  • cut the amount of granulated sugar in half
  • substitued buttermilk for soymilk with goats milk yogurt

The applesauce puts back in the sweetness that we took out with the sugar. I picked up these tricks on and also the Mayo Clinic site. Who knew they were so creative?


We had the inspiration to create a peachy dessert when we were buying them on impulse at the farmer’s market in downtown Palo Alto. We went there for crepes and left with arm-fulls of fruit, composting dirt, and a bar of handmade marshmallows in dark chocolate with almonds (which was gone by dinnertime). We almost bought a mini pie before we realized we had to stop and work with what we already had.

I don’t remember what cake recipe my mum found on the internet BUT here is a Betty Crocker recipe that seems to have already cut the sugar and uses applesauce! It also goes the extra step to use only egg whites and skim milk.

Fresh out of the oven, our cake was a little moister than I had intended, but I think this was due to the use of applesauce and the fact that our peaches were so fresh and juicy.

This dessert is most deliciously served very warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


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