Here are most of the runs I’ve done since the beginning of summer. I love running on cross country trails because they are easier on my legs. I’ve been battling shin splints for years now and running has always been very painful for me. My strategy right now is to run through the pain (until I see a sports medicine specialist next week)

My favorite run was the Arastradero run on 5/26. My parents joined me and I set the pace, which was odd because they’ve been running for years. I felt invigorated and even had enough energy to challenge my dad to race the last 100 meters (he won–barely).

Yesterday’s run was really difficult. My shins have hurt really badly the last 2 times and even just 2 miles was more painful than it should be. The longer 2nd mile is a fluke–I forgot to stop the timer when I went into a grocery store to buy gum… oops.

I have also swam once, done 6 difficult workout classes with my friend, and logged a couple hours on Nike Training Club.

I did a 45 min Nike Training Club workout today after my painful run, the low impact exercise made me feel a bit stronger than before, it was a good pick up.

I might swim instead of run tomorrow because it is finally getting hot again!!


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